Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nail Art

i can't seem to get away from OPI La Paz-itively Hot because it's such a pretty color. hehe. but after wearing it for 2 days, i think it's becoming dull and boring. so i tried to add some bling bling on it. lol. :)
i used a star gem/rhinestone/whatchamacallit and placed it on the center of my nails to prettify them. then, i added a layer of pink glitter polish and ta-da, that's the outcome! hope you like it! hopefully this is my last post about OPI La Paz-itively Hot. tee-hee. :)

EDIT: here's the nail polish i used. look at the glittery goodness! yumyum! lol. :)
and look! look what happen to my gems/rhinestones! i know i need a wheel. but it's not widely available here! :(
if someone's just kind enough to give me. *hint hint* lol. :D


Alexlyndra said...

I'm sorry about your gems! Love how you did your nails, though!

Lucy said...

Your nails look so pretty. I like the polish topcoat. Have fun picking that mess of gems up!

charlene said...

Alexlyndra - it's ok. i've pick them up already! actually, my two sisters did. thanks! :)

Lucy - thanks, sunshine! my two sisters had fun... i think? lol. :)

camille said...

hey, i have 2 rhinestone wheels up for swaps=) you can check it out at my multiply site: i love nail art too, your blog caught my attention since its also related to nails=) just leave a message in my multiply if youre interested with the wheels,tc!=)