Wednesday, May 06, 2009

haul again?!

yep. that's true. it's haul time again. lol. i went to National Bookstore for the, uhh, 8th time just to go to their 'arts and craft' section to see what can i get for my various nail art thingies. i know it's not the right place to go to for nail supplies, but it's the only place i have here near me! in fact, it's the only place i can think of! lol. so here are the things i got.  :)

NOTE: the things i got are only from a BOOKSTORE, so these things are only school or office supplies, not real nail products or what. but i bought them because they can be use as ALTERNATIVES for the different nail products i have on my mind. not only they're cheaper but they work just the same! now now, that's a cheap fix! :)

thin paintbrushes vs. striper brushes



pins vs. dotting tool



acrylic paint vs. Konad special nail polish


$0.95 each

now, would you rather spend or save? :)

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