Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nail Art

i can't seem to get away from OPI La Paz-itively Hot because it's such a pretty color. hehe. but after wearing it for 2 days, i think it's becoming dull and boring. so i tried to add some bling bling on it. lol. :)
i used a star gem/rhinestone/whatchamacallit and placed it on the center of my nails to prettify them. then, i added a layer of pink glitter polish and ta-da, that's the outcome! hope you like it! hopefully this is my last post about OPI La Paz-itively Hot. tee-hee. :)

EDIT: here's the nail polish i used. look at the glittery goodness! yumyum! lol. :)
and look! look what happen to my gems/rhinestones! i know i need a wheel. but it's not widely available here! :(
if someone's just kind enough to give me. *hint hint* lol. :D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Updated Nail Polish Collection

why, hello there! i have an updated nail polish collection but it's actually a video! so please don't hesitate to click me so you can watch it on Youtube! thanksie! :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

OPI La Paz-itively Hot more pictures

YAY for more pics! my training for Catechism has finally ended and i can post more blog, er, posts! hurray! lol. so, as i promised (even though it's been "strike through-ed"), i'll post more pictures of OPI La-Pazitively Hot! hope you like 'em! :)

but before anything else, i wanted to show you where i take pictures outdoors. that's our garden! and yep, that is a playhouse for my 6 and 9 year old sisters! :)
they are still bulding it... ;)

and now, drum roll please! on to the nail polish, my loves! :D
outdoors with shade

outdoors without shade

night without flash

extreme close-up of the name and my thumb. lol!

bottle picture

and the rest are indoors with flash :)

after wearing this polish for a day, i found its flaws! i already have minor tipwear plus, it's not shiny anymore. bright but dull? yech. :( what can you say? should i layer it with a shimmery polish? :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OPI La Paz-itively Hot

oh wow. what a bright color, eh? this is OPI La Paz-itively Hot and no, it's not hot! it's sizzlin'! lol. i love love love this color. it's hot pink with a hint of blue shimmer. the color changes, though. i mean, the color is different on different lightings (did i make sense? :p). application was okaaay. only okaaay because it's a little runny. it pooled on my cuticles. but other than that, nothing bizzare, horrible, and what not. and one more thing, drying time's AMAZING! that's all for today, sister! have a good day! :)

oh before i forget, promise i'll try to take pictures of this color once again! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

novo swatch

this is a swatch of my not-so-recent purchase of nail polish. i was a bit disappointed with the yellow one. in the bottle, it looks really good. just like a pastel yellow, but once applied on my nails, it becomes a mustard-y yellow. the orange polish on the other hand looks like a pumpkin! lol. it's great for holloween. i didn't have any problems with the application of the two. one thing that annoys me though is the smell! it stinks like hell! >:(

Caress Neon Purple

is this a neon color? i don't think so. i had this bottle before and i really like it. this is good for the toes but i don't think it's pretty with my hands. the application was great, though. applied evenly and opaque in two coats.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

collective haul

oh my god. i can't stop buying nail polishes. yesterday, i bought nine! NINE?! no more money, charbee. :( but it's ok. i'm happy. :)

these are the ones that are really cheap! :D
(Pro 10 Nail Lacquer = $0.52 ; small bottles = $0.20)

are you familiar with the Pro 10 Nail Lacquer? these nail polishes were bought from a person who came from United States. she got them from Rite-Aid for $2.99!

but she sold it to me for only $0.52! i'm in luck. ;p

look at this one, this is really pretty! look at the rainbow glitter! like a holo glitter! :)

and this one is pretty, too! just lovely! i'm loving the copper + blue glitter mix! :)

and yesterday, we went to Shangri-La mall to buy our school stuffs. and look what i've found! a buffing block (BEST nail product ever), one nail polish from Orly and one nail polish from OPI! plus a chocolate cupcake lollipop (chocolate + cupcake + lollipop = HEAVEN)! :D

the colors i managed myself to get... :)

lovely lovely colors! :)

as soon as i went home, i checked my stash if i have a dupe of the things i bought. glad i don't! yey me! OPI's and THEFACESHOP's are similar but not dupes. TFS' has a creme finish while OPI's has this blue-ish duochrome! love it! :)

that's all for now. buhbye! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hurray. my NOTD chipped. lol. when my manicure chips, i have the chance to remove it and swatch new nail polishes! and today, i did a skittle swatch. :)

i had fun doing this. ain't the bottles cute?! so small. :)

sorry, there's no thumb in there. :p

this one is very glittery. 3 coats.

opaque in one coat but needs top coat!

i'm loving this color. purple shimmer in the bottle but it's actually silver-y up close and personal. it's like a chrome finish nail polish! very metallic-y. two coats. :)

rose nail polish with golden shimmers. two coats. :)

very sheer pink nail polish with purple undertone. if you wan't to go natural, go for this! three coats but tips are still visible. this is really nice under the sun. :)

although nail polish colors are great, the brushes are weird! but it's ok to me. it's really cheap so everything's expected. and this stuff actually made me laugh. lol. look how gawky the brushes are! :D

i really like their bottles. they are so enticing without their caps! haha. :)

mini nail polish haul

EDIT: please ENLARGE the pictures by clicking on them. they are so much better that way. ;)

i have a haul again. wee. i love nail polishes a lot. teehee. but don't worry, guys. all these things are cheap, and amazing. :)

(mini bottles = $0.20 ; big bottles = $0.41) 
so sad that these polishes don't have names. :( but y'know, we can name them! please please comment some suggestions, and be sure to tell me what color are you naming. :D
they're all shimmery goodness except for the last two cute bottles. i love their handle! so long! :)

and look! my sister's lip gloss collection!
ain't that a lot for a six year old?! lol. :)
but it's ok. most of them are gifts, anyway. :)

Ever Bilena Blueberry

this is such a pretty color. it's a creme pastel blue polish. i love the application of this one! so lovely! the drying time was fast! i didn't expect it to be that fast considering that it is cheap. price is about $0.80. :)

after checking my nail polish every now and then for about 5 hours, i thought it was kind of boring. lol. so i added a konad design. i used pinkpink nail polish in blue and plate m26. i also added some glitters. woah, GLITTERS. :)
i used the flower design. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OPI Senorita Rose-alita

this is my first OPI ever... and it would probably be my last. not because i don't like OPI's formula or what, but because it's really expensive here. this one is more or less $8, and compared to other nail polishes here, it is ridiculously expensive. yeah, RIDICULOUS. commonly, nail polishes here are less than a dollar for a bottle. cheap, right?! high-end nail polishes are about $2 each, and that's it. OPI, in the philippines, is actually considered as a luxury polish. lol. and believe it or not, OPI is a very uncommon brand. people would usually say, "huh? OPI? never heard!" common brands here are Caronia, Caress,  Ever Bilena, Care Line, TheFaceShop, and Elianto. we don't even have China Glaze here! i'm not kidding! soo, enough with the rambling. :)

application's the best, it's not streaky, runny, watery, goopy, and whatever. lol. it is also opaque in one coat! cool, eh? i really like the color of this one. it has a subtle rose-y tone in it but it's pink. and goodness, the gloriousness of golden shimmer. woah, SHIMMERS. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Caress Neon Pink

hello sunshine! :D
gosh! this one's blinding me! it looks really neon up close and personal. as usual, this kind of nail polish won't be neon unless you put a white nail polish as a base. so again, on my index and middle finger, there's no base. as for my ring ang pinky finger, there is. :)

i'm itching to have neon nails so i've decided to have this as a full manicure. i tried it and OMG, it looks hideous on my nails! so buhbye neon pink nail polish. :( i feel really sad because it's such a beautiful polish. it applied very well and i like it's opacity. but c'mon, i wouldn't be caught wearing a nail lacquer that makes my hands look really horibble, and dark, and gross.

well, maybe, just maybe, i'll give it another hit next time! ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caress Neon Yellow

this is my first time to try a neon yellow nail polish. i don't know, but i'm not used to it. it looks really ugly on my hands. lol. obviously, there's a huge difference between my fingernails, and i'm talking about the color. believe it or not, i just used the same nail lacquer, but with my pinky and ring finger, i used white as a base color. i think this nail polish won't be neon no matter how many coats you do, unless you put a white base. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


i'm on Nail Juice title! lol. i love Steph so much! please check check check her blog! :D

P.S. swatches for neon nail polishes coming up REALLY SOON! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

neon nail polish haul

yipee. i got four neon nail polish from caress. wee. i love it. i have a swatch for you but only paper swatch. i can't swatch on my nails because i have a manicure. and it's really cute and i don't want to remove it. :( anyways, onto the pictures! :D

check that yellow! it's so flourescent-y! cool! :)

here's my paper swatch. LOL. :)

some more pictures. :)

and another one...

and another one! :D

these nail polishes are 10ml in volume and they cost around $0.47 each! friggin' awesome, right?! right?! i'm so happy. wee. LOL again. and, here's a peek of my NOTD. :D

i did a tutorial on this as a contest entry. watch here. :)

and oh, before i forget, full swatches on these coming up soon! :)