Wednesday, May 20, 2009

mini nail polish haul

EDIT: please ENLARGE the pictures by clicking on them. they are so much better that way. ;)

i have a haul again. wee. i love nail polishes a lot. teehee. but don't worry, guys. all these things are cheap, and amazing. :)

(mini bottles = $0.20 ; big bottles = $0.41) 
so sad that these polishes don't have names. :( but y'know, we can name them! please please comment some suggestions, and be sure to tell me what color are you naming. :D
they're all shimmery goodness except for the last two cute bottles. i love their handle! so long! :)

and look! my sister's lip gloss collection!
ain't that a lot for a six year old?! lol. :)
but it's ok. most of them are gifts, anyway. :)


Alexlyndra said...

Are you serious? $0.41/each for the big ones? hey all look beautiful!

charlene said...

Alexlyndra - yup. i am. btw, i love your name! how do you say it? :)

Lucy said...

Big collection for such a little girl. I love the cupcake glosses. She is adorable!

charlene said...

Lucy - aww. you're so sweet. her name's chloe. the cupcake glosses are from claire's. it was a gift from our aunt. :)

Alexlyndra said...

It's my nickname onthe web, It's pronounced Alex (like Alex) Lindra (with a long "i". I hope you got it, haha. It's quite hard for me to explain in English :P My real name is Alexandra so "Alexlyndra" a twist of my real name. ;)

charlene said...

Alexlyndra - i got it, girl. alexlyndra... hm, nice name. :)