Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ever Bilena Blueberry

this is such a pretty color. it's a creme pastel blue polish. i love the application of this one! so lovely! the drying time was fast! i didn't expect it to be that fast considering that it is cheap. price is about $0.80. :)

after checking my nail polish every now and then for about 5 hours, i thought it was kind of boring. lol. so i added a konad design. i used pinkpink nail polish in blue and plate m26. i also added some glitters. woah, GLITTERS. :)
i used the flower design. :)


Lucy said...

Pretty blue, and I love your Konad design. Nice job.

charlene said...

Lucy - yeah! i love it! thank you. :)

clockwork said...

I love the blue it is so pretty and the Konad of course is lovely.

charlene said...

clockwork - thank you, sunshine! :)