Monday, June 01, 2009


i've decided to swatch a hideous nail polish. lol. i've given it another chance to prove itself but...

it looks really pretty on the bottle don't you think? :)

a bright, shimmery, light green with lots and lots of glass specks. i'm loving it! :D

i applied it on my nails and OMG, this is like the WORST (and i'm talking about WORSE THAN WORST) color ever! this picture is  only 1 coat. so sheer! and i don't know what's wrong but can you see a tinge of orange in color?! eww.
EDIT: SORRY for this blurred picture. goodness! my eyes! SO SORRY! forgive me. ;)

this is two coats with flash. i still have a visible nail line, AND the horrible orange color is still there! OMG OMG OMG! i'm not acting like there's nothing good about it, but really?! NOTHING! *gasp* (the application was good, though... but for the color? BLEH! )

still two coats but without flash. wow. it's just gross. gross. 
after i took some pictures, i hurriedly removed it from my nails! i wouldn't be caught wearing that nail polish! i won't give it another chance! poor green polish. i haven't tried it for layering, though. hmm, that gives me the idea... well, we'll see. :)


Lucy said...

To me it looks pretty. I guess you know best what looks good with your skin tone. I have 2 bottle of the same type of shade. It says yellow on the bottle but it's really a sickly greenish yellow. Disguisting pus colored. It also made my nails yellow! I wasn't happy about that.

charlene said...

Lucy - well, do you like it? i could give it to you if you want BUT i don't know how to. it's really hard to arrange a shipping deal or transaction. :( anyways, thanks for sharing your story. :)