Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OPI Senorita Rose-alita

this is my first OPI ever... and it would probably be my last. not because i don't like OPI's formula or what, but because it's really expensive here. this one is more or less $8, and compared to other nail polishes here, it is ridiculously expensive. yeah, RIDICULOUS. commonly, nail polishes here are less than a dollar for a bottle. cheap, right?! high-end nail polishes are about $2 each, and that's it. OPI, in the philippines, is actually considered as a luxury polish. lol. and believe it or not, OPI is a very uncommon brand. people would usually say, "huh? OPI? never heard!" common brands here are Caronia, Caress,  Ever Bilena, Care Line, TheFaceShop, and Elianto. we don't even have China Glaze here! i'm not kidding! soo, enough with the rambling. :)

application's the best, it's not streaky, runny, watery, goopy, and whatever. lol. it is also opaque in one coat! cool, eh? i really like the color of this one. it has a subtle rose-y tone in it but it's pink. and goodness, the gloriousness of golden shimmer. woah, SHIMMERS. :)


Nina said...

:O thats a cute color
OPI is 8 dollars here too! i cant seem to let my self pay 8 dollars for nail polish :P

charlene said...

blog archive (???) - yup. totally. :)

Nina - me too! i think it's such a waste of money. i mean, $8?! i can buy 12 nail polishes from there! lol. :)

Anonymous said...

In New Zealand OPI IS $26.95. I would gladly pay $8!