Saturday, May 02, 2009

konadicure plus update

it's been a while since the last update. sorry. i'm just busy with my review stuffs. so yeah, i just came home from manila yesterday, and i knew that our package from new york has arrived. the package consists of 45 image plates, 2 stampers, and 2 scrapers. it's for my konad collection. yeepee! that's a lot! and for my first konadicure, i chose the butterfly design on m36. but before painting my nails, i trimmed them (well, it's more like i cut them, cause holy cow, they're so short and im not used to it! boohoo!). my parents said that it was too long and i might hurt somebody already. :( but anyways, on to the pictures.

sorry for the glossy-ness. lol. :)

EDIT: btw, i got the 45 image plates on ebay for more or less $50 plus shipping. it's really a good deal. but i'm not sure if they are still selling it or what. the last time i checked, it was already sold out.

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