Sunday, May 03, 2009

it's haul time again

yipee. first day AGAIN in manila. i have a review tomorrow so i need to stay here already. and i'm happy cause i bought my school stuff already. i prefer buying all my stuffs here in katipunan because there's a HUGE National Bookstore here! ain't that sweet?! lol. :)

here's the pencil case i bought. it's pink! :)
here's an FYI, as much as possible, i'd like my things to be all pink! and yep, ALMOST all my school supplies are pink! yey! i have a pink mechanical pencil, magic pencil, highlighter, scissors, sharpener, compass, eraser, correction pen, glue stick, stapler, staple wire, pencil case, name it! i love PINK for life. lol. and after going to national bookstore, me and my "yaya" went to HBC beauty supply store and bought some stuffs. here they are. :)

a magic strawberry-flavored lip gloss

a silver San San nail polish

and a berry-flavored lip conditioner from Allue

yey. love my stuffs. :)

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