Saturday, May 09, 2009

NOTD plus tips

hey guys. here's what i'm wearing for my third week in manila. wootwoot. it's so cute! it reminds me of hello kitty! don't know why. lol. :)

for the base color, i used my THEFACESHOP nail polish in PK106 and for the dots, i used THEFACESHOP WH002. btw, i also made use of my improvised dotting tool. nice, eh? :)

and it matches my earings! :D

ok ok. next topic! :)

i know that whenever you paint your right fingernails (if you're right handed) or whenever you paint your left fingernails (if you're left-handed), you also paint your cuticles with them (unless you're a perfect painter! lol). so here's a tip, DON'T try to remove them with your nail polish remover. it's hard to remove it and there's a big chance that you'd just ruin your manicure. it's just like writing with the other hand you're not used to. get what i mean? here's what you need to do. DO leave them that way and let the lacquer dry, and when it's time to take a shower, just rub off the polish on your cuticles. no polish remover needed. i swear. :)

after painting my nails...

and after i took my shower! ;)
i assure you. i did not use any nail polish remover/acetone here. promise! lol. toodles! :)

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