Saturday, May 23, 2009

collective haul

oh my god. i can't stop buying nail polishes. yesterday, i bought nine! NINE?! no more money, charbee. :( but it's ok. i'm happy. :)

these are the ones that are really cheap! :D
(Pro 10 Nail Lacquer = $0.52 ; small bottles = $0.20)

are you familiar with the Pro 10 Nail Lacquer? these nail polishes were bought from a person who came from United States. she got them from Rite-Aid for $2.99!

but she sold it to me for only $0.52! i'm in luck. ;p

look at this one, this is really pretty! look at the rainbow glitter! like a holo glitter! :)

and this one is pretty, too! just lovely! i'm loving the copper + blue glitter mix! :)

and yesterday, we went to Shangri-La mall to buy our school stuffs. and look what i've found! a buffing block (BEST nail product ever), one nail polish from Orly and one nail polish from OPI! plus a chocolate cupcake lollipop (chocolate + cupcake + lollipop = HEAVEN)! :D

the colors i managed myself to get... :)

lovely lovely colors! :)

as soon as i went home, i checked my stash if i have a dupe of the things i bought. glad i don't! yey me! OPI's and THEFACESHOP's are similar but not dupes. TFS' has a creme finish while OPI's has this blue-ish duochrome! love it! :)

that's all for now. buhbye! :)


Alexlyndra said...

I really like the handles/shafts on the first polishes, they're so long and neat. ;P I'm very interested in Green Apple and La Pazitively Hot!

clockwork said...

Great haul, I've a bunch of Pro 10, it's a good formula I like their stuff. The blue and copper glitter polish looks super pretty!

charlene said...

Alexlyndra - me, too! i'll try to swatch later! :)

clockwork - so you have a Pro 10? for how much did you get it? is it still available or they stopped making polishes? :)

Lucy said...

I like the shape of those little bottles. I don't own any Pro 10 so I can't help you. I like all the colors though.

charlene said...

Lucy - i know! talk about being sexy when you're only a bottle! lol. and i like all the colors, too! :)