Tuesday, April 28, 2009


just this day, i didn't wear any polish, and i can't stand it! lol. i like my nails naked, though. but they look so much better when they're painted. late afternoon this day, as i stroll along the katipunan avenue, i saw an HBC store! wootwoot! i'm in luck cause i'm sure they sell San San nail polish. and yep, i'm not mistaken, i saw some, not a lot, and the colors are very limited. but i don't care, as long as there is, right?! so, i chose the violet one. it looks like OPI Gotta Go! Grape (picture is from my favorite nail blog, Nail Juice). it's really pretty and flattering on my skintone. it has blue-ish undertone which even makes it prettier. i love it. application was the best! it applied like butter! no clean up needed for my left hand (i'm right-handed). i really love it! :)

so sorry for the horrible pictures. it was taken by a built-in webcam only. lol. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

funky monkey

hi guys. here's another set of funky pictures i took after i had just finished my first class in MSA (where i review for CETP). again, credits goes here, and not to me. :)

funkey monkey, eh?

look! it looks like i have something
stucked on my teeth! lol! :D

snowwy. brr. :)

a monster alien?! :)

kiss me! haha! :D

anyway, my first class was ok. we just took a diagnostic test for four hours. lol. yeah, i was booorrreeeddd! fortunately, i finished the test unlike my other classmates. good for me. hehe. and you know what? i'm sure that my seatmeate was only guessing! haha! math was pretty hard, and my favorite part was abstract reasoning. i think i got perfect there. lol. wanna see how abstract reasoning looks like? it's this one. :)

easy, right? :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

hi bloggy

hello. first update here in manila. wootwoot. i like it here although of course, i'm not really feeling at home yet. good thing i brought my sister's laptop so i can do something when i'm bored. and look, after my dinner i took pictures from the built-in webcam cause i'm pretty bored. credits for the effects goes here, and not on the webcam itself. lol. btw, staffers here on where i stay are really kind and approachable. plus points for oracle residences and dorm. sweet! :)

i'm so funny-looking! lol. :D

buhbye bloggy

no. i wont be leaving permanently. it's just that i'll be busy for a few weeks. PROBABLY i don't have time to update and stuff but i promise I'LL TRY TO. if you have been reading my blog for a while now, you know that i'll be leaving for my College Entrance Test Preparation (CETP) in Manila.  It would be from April 27 to May 12. so, wish me luck! have a great week ahead of you! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my nail polish collection

i don't have a lot compared to other nailgals out there, i know. :)
most of my nail polish collection is from THEFACESHOP because i can't seem to find any OPIs and China Glazes here on where i live. lol. so i stick with THEFACESHOPs. :)

P.S. this post is loaded with pictures. have fun! :D

my whole stash :)

my THEFACESHOP nail polishes :)

my lonely brown and silver. lol. :)

my mellow yellows :)

my bubbly blues :)

my gross greens (i don't like neither of them)

my vivacious violets. :)

my ravishing reds :)

my ornamental oranges :)

my pretty pinks :)

my whopping whites :)

my nail treatments :)

my konad set :)

my "dollar-brand" nail polishes

my frankens :)

my nail art stuff :)

my nail supplements :)

my special nail polish + 1st OPI nail polish :)

my San San nail polishes

my pinkpink nail polishes :)
*these are from bangkok
hope you like 'em! tell me which ones are your faves. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

my skincare routine

i have a special skincare routine that i follow. this 2009, it seems that my zits are growing and growing in numbers. they are like multiplying especially on my forehead, which sucks btw. so finally, just this monday, me and my brother (who seems to experience what i'm also experiencing) went to our dermatologist to get are pimples pricked. it was awful. it hurts so bad! especially when the doctor "painted" -- ok, i know it's not the right term but she used a brush! it's the only term i could think of! -- our face with some product i'm not sure of, and it hurt so bad! it was painful and itchy! especially when she sprayed some neutralizer! but you know, after some time, i was relieved. after the pricking process was done, she medicated me with some skincare products. and this are the products i'm showing you. :)

my skincare products case
(cute, right? my sister gave it to me last christmas.
it's pink, it's polka-dotted, it's actually fabric laminated
with plastic, what more can you ask for? lol. :))

it looks cuter inside! stripes! :)

my morning regimen :)
(L-R: Derma101 Acne Scrub, Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion,
Duac,  Avene Emulsion with SPF50, and Cernor XO)

my evening regimen :)
(L-R: Derma101 Acne Scrub, Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion,
Avene Diacneal, and Cernor XO)

what do this products do?
  • Derma101 Acne Scrub -- facial wash
  • Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion -- toner
  • Duac -- anti-acne
  •  Avene Emulsion with SPF50 -- sunblock
  • Avene Diacneal -- treatment care for acne-prone skin
  • Cernor XO -- for black circles under the eyes
i love everything my doctor gave me. it's friday now, and so far, it's working really good. i have lesser pimples on my forehead. yipee. :)

nail designs

did i tell you already that i love nail polish a lot? if not, well yes! i love painting my nails with different colors, as well as designing them and such. the only time i could paint my nails is during summer break, sembreak, and christmas break. know why? because our school doesn't tolerate students wearing nail polish. i can't see anything bad about wearing nail polish in school. i mean, it isn't harmful, anyway. then why the heck do they prohibit wearing nail polish?! arrgh. i'm mad. lol. just kidding. anyhoo, this post is not intended for my rambles and rants. instead, it is for my different nail pictures that i thought sharing with you. have fun. :)

diagonal pink and purple nails

easter nails with tips

"konad-ed" nails

rihanna-inspired nails

neon nails plus glitter

circle and dot nails

blue-tipped nails

leopard print nails

yep. those are all my nails! which one is your favorite? :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

summer plus raining equals?

one word, BOREDOM! well actually, it's two words, MAJOR BOREDOM! gosh. it's raining here on my place even if it's summer. hello? summer! sun! i need the sun! i need sunshine! but here's the only thing i can see. so plain, boring, and so gloomy. :(

front view in our house

back view in our house

don't believe me that's it's really raining?
look, i zoomed in the puddle.

gosh. i can't go out with that weather. i really miss the beach now. oh wells, what can i do? hope your weather is great. wish me luck, instead. :(

my 1 month old suri

hi everybody. i just wanted to share with you guys my one month old PINK camera. hurray. it's a sony cybershot t700 cam and i'm loving it to bits! lol. here are some pictures of my baby and a photo taken by it. :)
ain't it gorgeous? happy 1 month old! :)