Thursday, June 04, 2009

bye blog

it's true. i'm leaving. permanently. because of the following reasons:
  • it's school time again. i don't think i can manage my blog plus my studies very well. wish me luck. ;)
  • i'll trim my nails to the shortest possible length because my school don't like long nails and I DON'T LIKE DOING SWATCHES WHEN MY NAILS ARE SHORT! enough said. ;(
  • there are other reasons that i can't really tell. sorry. :(
so, i guess this is goodbye. i hope that somehow, you had fun reading my blog. i wish that there's more time for us to "bond" and share our love for nail polish but all good things come to an end. i'll really miss your wonderful comments, guys! i'll never forget Lucy -- gosh! my very loyal reader, Alexlyndra, Erin, clockwork (my first readers) and of course Nail Juice (my inspiration for making this blog). BYE GUYS! :)

btw, if you still want to see my naked nails, here they are. BUT BEWARE! ;)

scroll down to continue!


TA-DA! hope i didn't scare you! lol. :D
bye bye! i'll miss you! :)

pinkpink purple nail polish

this nail polish doesn't have a name again. i hope local branded nail polish would name their nail lacquers! ok, enough of the rant. lol. i bought this from bangkok and i think i have ten of this brand.

the nail polish i'm gonna swatch today is a purple one. it is a very shimmery polish and it's also sheer. i hate sheers but this one is probably my fave. application was really nice but only after pouring some thinner on the polish. i applied three coats and it's still sheer but i like the "sheerness", it doesn't make my nails look yellow. ;)

under yellow lighting

look how shimmery! does this remind you of ChG Grape Juice?

makes my nails transparent again! WTH?

indoors with flash

looks opaque here but it's really not

P.S. my package arrived yesterday! yey! i got some rhinestones, and pearls, and i got myself a dotting tool (finally)! do you want to see them, no? :) 

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

pinkpink blue nail polish

hello there! for my full mani, i chose pinkpink blue nail polish (it doesn't have any name) that i got from bangkok for approximately $0.66. cheap, eh? i love the color of this one! the application went streaky but it's fine. i have no problem with that since it's a nice color (see what color can do? lol). i have many pictures for you so be happy! i also have pictures of our dog, Prince! so read on, girls!

indoors without flash (my skintone looks weird here)
can you see the glossiness? :)

indoors with flash
wow. look at those microshimmers! :)

indoors without flash and beside a window
i sure love how shiny and glossy this polish could be! btw, 2 coats with no topcoat! now beat that! :p

extreme close-up so you can see the microshimmers

i was getting a little bored with this nail polish so i added some silver glitter! and hooray, it looks like starry starry night. lol. well, not really. but i love it! :)

outdoors but no sun

outdoors in shade

just wanted to show this pic cause my nails look so transparent! WTH? look at my pointy finger!

and yey! the sun came out for me! i feel special. lol!

extreme close-up with the glitter
i love this picture. it looks heavenly. teehee! :D

and i also love how my nail polish matches my sandals!

and now, on to some pictures that aren't nail polish related...

meet our dog, Prince!
this is his favorite place in our garden

say hello, Prince! *arf arf*

together with my sister Chantelle (the nine-year-old)

Chantelle and Chloe, the six-year-old

 that's about it for today! whew, what a long post! see you tomorrow and have a nice day! :D

Monday, June 01, 2009


i've decided to swatch a hideous nail polish. lol. i've given it another chance to prove itself but...

it looks really pretty on the bottle don't you think? :)

a bright, shimmery, light green with lots and lots of glass specks. i'm loving it! :D

i applied it on my nails and OMG, this is like the WORST (and i'm talking about WORSE THAN WORST) color ever! this picture is  only 1 coat. so sheer! and i don't know what's wrong but can you see a tinge of orange in color?! eww.
EDIT: SORRY for this blurred picture. goodness! my eyes! SO SORRY! forgive me. ;)

this is two coats with flash. i still have a visible nail line, AND the horrible orange color is still there! OMG OMG OMG! i'm not acting like there's nothing good about it, but really?! NOTHING! *gasp* (the application was good, though... but for the color? BLEH! )

still two coats but without flash. wow. it's just gross. gross. 
after i took some pictures, i hurriedly removed it from my nails! i wouldn't be caught wearing that nail polish! i won't give it another chance! poor green polish. i haven't tried it for layering, though. hmm, that gives me the idea... well, we'll see. :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nail Art

i can't seem to get away from OPI La Paz-itively Hot because it's such a pretty color. hehe. but after wearing it for 2 days, i think it's becoming dull and boring. so i tried to add some bling bling on it. lol. :)
i used a star gem/rhinestone/whatchamacallit and placed it on the center of my nails to prettify them. then, i added a layer of pink glitter polish and ta-da, that's the outcome! hope you like it! hopefully this is my last post about OPI La Paz-itively Hot. tee-hee. :)

EDIT: here's the nail polish i used. look at the glittery goodness! yumyum! lol. :)
and look! look what happen to my gems/rhinestones! i know i need a wheel. but it's not widely available here! :(
if someone's just kind enough to give me. *hint hint* lol. :D

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Updated Nail Polish Collection

why, hello there! i have an updated nail polish collection but it's actually a video! so please don't hesitate to click me so you can watch it on Youtube! thanksie! :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

OPI La Paz-itively Hot more pictures

YAY for more pics! my training for Catechism has finally ended and i can post more blog, er, posts! hurray! lol. so, as i promised (even though it's been "strike through-ed"), i'll post more pictures of OPI La-Pazitively Hot! hope you like 'em! :)

but before anything else, i wanted to show you where i take pictures outdoors. that's our garden! and yep, that is a playhouse for my 6 and 9 year old sisters! :)
they are still bulding it... ;)

and now, drum roll please! on to the nail polish, my loves! :D
outdoors with shade

outdoors without shade

night without flash

extreme close-up of the name and my thumb. lol!

bottle picture

and the rest are indoors with flash :)

after wearing this polish for a day, i found its flaws! i already have minor tipwear plus, it's not shiny anymore. bright but dull? yech. :( what can you say? should i layer it with a shimmery polish? :)