Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hurray. my NOTD chipped. lol. when my manicure chips, i have the chance to remove it and swatch new nail polishes! and today, i did a skittle swatch. :)

i had fun doing this. ain't the bottles cute?! so small. :)

sorry, there's no thumb in there. :p

this one is very glittery. 3 coats.

opaque in one coat but needs top coat!

i'm loving this color. purple shimmer in the bottle but it's actually silver-y up close and personal. it's like a chrome finish nail polish! very metallic-y. two coats. :)

rose nail polish with golden shimmers. two coats. :)

very sheer pink nail polish with purple undertone. if you wan't to go natural, go for this! three coats but tips are still visible. this is really nice under the sun. :)

although nail polish colors are great, the brushes are weird! but it's ok to me. it's really cheap so everything's expected. and this stuff actually made me laugh. lol. look how gawky the brushes are! :D

i really like their bottles. they are so enticing without their caps! haha. :)


Lucy said...

They are adorable bottles. The brushes are really bad. How did you manage to do such a nice job with them?

charlene said...

Lucy - i did? lol. i don't know. maybe i'm used to it. :)