Friday, May 15, 2009

neon nail polish haul

yipee. i got four neon nail polish from caress. wee. i love it. i have a swatch for you but only paper swatch. i can't swatch on my nails because i have a manicure. and it's really cute and i don't want to remove it. :( anyways, onto the pictures! :D

check that yellow! it's so flourescent-y! cool! :)

here's my paper swatch. LOL. :)

some more pictures. :)

and another one...

and another one! :D

these nail polishes are 10ml in volume and they cost around $0.47 each! friggin' awesome, right?! right?! i'm so happy. wee. LOL again. and, here's a peek of my NOTD. :D

i did a tutorial on this as a contest entry. watch here. :)

and oh, before i forget, full swatches on these coming up soon! :)


Erin said...

Hey, love your blog! Where can you buy the Caress polish? I really like the yellow.

charlene said...

Erin - hey, thank you, Erin. about the Caress polishes, i'm really sorry but they are only sold here in the Philippines. i wish i could send some to you, though. but i'm 15, i don't know how to. lol. :)