Monday, May 18, 2009

Caress Neon Pink

hello sunshine! :D
gosh! this one's blinding me! it looks really neon up close and personal. as usual, this kind of nail polish won't be neon unless you put a white nail polish as a base. so again, on my index and middle finger, there's no base. as for my ring ang pinky finger, there is. :)

i'm itching to have neon nails so i've decided to have this as a full manicure. i tried it and OMG, it looks hideous on my nails! so buhbye neon pink nail polish. :( i feel really sad because it's such a beautiful polish. it applied very well and i like it's opacity. but c'mon, i wouldn't be caught wearing a nail lacquer that makes my hands look really horibble, and dark, and gross.

well, maybe, just maybe, i'll give it another hit next time! ;)

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kimturtle said...

WOW NAMAN AMBLIS MO MAKAPGPOST!!! hahahaha. wlang sense i know.