Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh no, haul again...

my first day AGAIN and AGAIN in manila. lol. this is my 3rd week. and i have a haul post! i know i need to stop already. but i can't! that's so saaad. :( anyways, i got four nail polish from Caronia (a common brand here in the philippines), one bottle of nail polish remover, one bottle of solvent (works like thinner), and two packs of cotton squares (what a weird name).

i just added better pictures. :)

um, you know what i like about Caronia's nail polishes? that they have names! names for nail polishes give them some ooomph and personality. lol. that's so funny, ooomph?! :D so here are the names, from left to right; colorless (wow. what a creative name! *sarcasm*), yellow glitter (more like gold glitter), platinum glitter (more like silver glitter), and black velvet. (god. i need to stop "side commenting". it's becoming annoying!) lol. :D

wanna know the prices? :)
Hortaleza Professional Nail Polish Remover 250ml -- $0.93
Caronia Nail Polish -- $0.68 each
Hortaleza Professional Solvent 50ml -- $0.26
Hygienix Cotton Squares 50 pcs-- $0.31 each

wowzers. it's like i'm buying from a dollar store. everything is cheap for only a total of $4.53! :p

i just added better pictures. :)

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