Thursday, May 14, 2009

last nail polish haul in manila

during my second to the last day, me and my "yaya" went to mercury drug and rustan's supermarket to see if they are selling nail polishes. i know that even if mercury drug is a drugstore, they do sell some. weird, huh? btw, here's a note when you're trying to find nail polishes on some stores, look EVERYWHERE. there are lots and lots of good colors hiding from you! lol. i have seen my recent buy on the lowest portion of the shelf (and they are isolated with the nail polish rack)! who would even thought there are some in that place?! well, of course, it's ME! ok ok, i kid. :p

i got the pastel colors...

and i really like their names. :)

swatches! pretty, right?! :)

the brand is ever bilena (nevah heard). price is $0.80 each. this is actually my first three bottles of this brand. i think it's kind of mediocre. nothing really special. the brushes are like, i don't know, suspended? i'm not sure of the right term. haha. the application was really nice. blueberry and green tea were opaque in two coats, while strawberry was a bit sheer. you can still see my tips after three coats. thay're actually glossy and that's what i like about them. pastels are usually chalky, but these three are not! over all, i think i'll get some more of this brand and try other colors! :)

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