Tuesday, April 28, 2009


just this day, i didn't wear any polish, and i can't stand it! lol. i like my nails naked, though. but they look so much better when they're painted. late afternoon this day, as i stroll along the katipunan avenue, i saw an HBC store! wootwoot! i'm in luck cause i'm sure they sell San San nail polish. and yep, i'm not mistaken, i saw some, not a lot, and the colors are very limited. but i don't care, as long as there is, right?! so, i chose the violet one. it looks like OPI Gotta Go! Grape (picture is from my favorite nail blog, Nail Juice). it's really pretty and flattering on my skintone. it has blue-ish undertone which even makes it prettier. i love it. application was the best! it applied like butter! no clean up needed for my left hand (i'm right-handed). i really love it! :)

so sorry for the horrible pictures. it was taken by a built-in webcam only. lol. :)

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