Friday, April 24, 2009

nail designs

did i tell you already that i love nail polish a lot? if not, well yes! i love painting my nails with different colors, as well as designing them and such. the only time i could paint my nails is during summer break, sembreak, and christmas break. know why? because our school doesn't tolerate students wearing nail polish. i can't see anything bad about wearing nail polish in school. i mean, it isn't harmful, anyway. then why the heck do they prohibit wearing nail polish?! arrgh. i'm mad. lol. just kidding. anyhoo, this post is not intended for my rambles and rants. instead, it is for my different nail pictures that i thought sharing with you. have fun. :)

diagonal pink and purple nails

easter nails with tips

"konad-ed" nails

rihanna-inspired nails

neon nails plus glitter

circle and dot nails

blue-tipped nails

leopard print nails

yep. those are all my nails! which one is your favorite? :)

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