Wednesday, April 22, 2009

gossip girl here

hello upper east siders, er, beautiful people! ;)

i just wanted to let you know that i am super duper duper addicted to gossip girl! it is such a pretty series. i love it! the characters and the casts (shucks, i love evil blair! love love her!), the plot, and everything else about it. i'm practically done with the first season and i'm starting with the second one (wanna download the full second season? here it is, lovelies. :)). gosh. hope there's a third. anyways, you know why i love blair so much?! cause she's so pretty and she dresses well. i think my fashion icon now is totally leighton meester.
just look at her! ain't she pretty?! that's my favorite of all her outfits! it was the dress she wore on lilly's wedding on the last episode of season one. i'll probably have to bring it to a dressmaker so that whenever there's a party i have to attend to, i'll wear it. lol. can't wait! :)

watch it now! as in now! :D
i know you'll love it. xoxo, gossip girl fan. ;)