Saturday, April 25, 2009

my nail polish collection

i don't have a lot compared to other nailgals out there, i know. :)
most of my nail polish collection is from THEFACESHOP because i can't seem to find any OPIs and China Glazes here on where i live. lol. so i stick with THEFACESHOPs. :)

P.S. this post is loaded with pictures. have fun! :D

my whole stash :)

my THEFACESHOP nail polishes :)

my lonely brown and silver. lol. :)

my mellow yellows :)

my bubbly blues :)

my gross greens (i don't like neither of them)

my vivacious violets. :)

my ravishing reds :)

my ornamental oranges :)

my pretty pinks :)

my whopping whites :)

my nail treatments :)

my konad set :)

my "dollar-brand" nail polishes

my frankens :)

my nail art stuff :)

my nail supplements :)

my special nail polish + 1st OPI nail polish :)

my San San nail polishes

my pinkpink nail polishes :)
*these are from bangkok
hope you like 'em! tell me which ones are your faves. :)


Steph NJ said...

Oh my goooood! Those faceshops are to die for! x_x

charlene said...

i know, right?! if only i know how to arrange an international shipping deal i would send some for you! :)