Friday, April 24, 2009

my skincare routine

i have a special skincare routine that i follow. this 2009, it seems that my zits are growing and growing in numbers. they are like multiplying especially on my forehead, which sucks btw. so finally, just this monday, me and my brother (who seems to experience what i'm also experiencing) went to our dermatologist to get are pimples pricked. it was awful. it hurts so bad! especially when the doctor "painted" -- ok, i know it's not the right term but she used a brush! it's the only term i could think of! -- our face with some product i'm not sure of, and it hurt so bad! it was painful and itchy! especially when she sprayed some neutralizer! but you know, after some time, i was relieved. after the pricking process was done, she medicated me with some skincare products. and this are the products i'm showing you. :)

my skincare products case
(cute, right? my sister gave it to me last christmas.
it's pink, it's polka-dotted, it's actually fabric laminated
with plastic, what more can you ask for? lol. :))

it looks cuter inside! stripes! :)

my morning regimen :)
(L-R: Derma101 Acne Scrub, Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion,
Duac,  Avene Emulsion with SPF50, and Cernor XO)

my evening regimen :)
(L-R: Derma101 Acne Scrub, Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion,
Avene Diacneal, and Cernor XO)

what do this products do?
  • Derma101 Acne Scrub -- facial wash
  • Avene Anti-shine Purifying Lotion -- toner
  • Duac -- anti-acne
  •  Avene Emulsion with SPF50 -- sunblock
  • Avene Diacneal -- treatment care for acne-prone skin
  • Cernor XO -- for black circles under the eyes
i love everything my doctor gave me. it's friday now, and so far, it's working really good. i have lesser pimples on my forehead. yipee. :)

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Lore said...

Hi, I was prescribed by my derma the same sunscreen that you have (i.e. Avene Emulsion with SPF50) after my acne surgery. I was wondering as to your derma's selling price for it. Thanks.