Monday, April 27, 2009

funky monkey

hi guys. here's another set of funky pictures i took after i had just finished my first class in MSA (where i review for CETP). again, credits goes here, and not to me. :)

funkey monkey, eh?

look! it looks like i have something
stucked on my teeth! lol! :D

snowwy. brr. :)

a monster alien?! :)

kiss me! haha! :D

anyway, my first class was ok. we just took a diagnostic test for four hours. lol. yeah, i was booorrreeeddd! fortunately, i finished the test unlike my other classmates. good for me. hehe. and you know what? i'm sure that my seatmeate was only guessing! haha! math was pretty hard, and my favorite part was abstract reasoning. i think i got perfect there. lol. wanna see how abstract reasoning looks like? it's this one. :)

easy, right? :)

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