Thursday, June 04, 2009

pinkpink purple nail polish

this nail polish doesn't have a name again. i hope local branded nail polish would name their nail lacquers! ok, enough of the rant. lol. i bought this from bangkok and i think i have ten of this brand.

the nail polish i'm gonna swatch today is a purple one. it is a very shimmery polish and it's also sheer. i hate sheers but this one is probably my fave. application was really nice but only after pouring some thinner on the polish. i applied three coats and it's still sheer but i like the "sheerness", it doesn't make my nails look yellow. ;)

under yellow lighting

look how shimmery! does this remind you of ChG Grape Juice?

makes my nails transparent again! WTH?

indoors with flash

looks opaque here but it's really not

P.S. my package arrived yesterday! yey! i got some rhinestones, and pearls, and i got myself a dotting tool (finally)! do you want to see them, no? :) 


Lucy said...

I like this lavender. Very pretty on you. I don't mind a sheer polish when it looks like this. Love the shimmer.

Angie said...

You could try painting it over Elianto's Thistle to make it look more opaque. Thistle is kind of close to what you have there anyway. :D

Which reminds me, I haven't done a swatch of that one yet!

Mary said...

That's so pretty, I love the shade and all of the sparkles! Looks very nice on you.

Alexlyndra said...

Love that colour, very much!