Tuesday, June 02, 2009

pinkpink blue nail polish

hello there! for my full mani, i chose pinkpink blue nail polish (it doesn't have any name) that i got from bangkok for approximately $0.66. cheap, eh? i love the color of this one! the application went streaky but it's fine. i have no problem with that since it's a nice color (see what color can do? lol). i have many pictures for you so be happy! i also have pictures of our dog, Prince! so read on, girls!

indoors without flash (my skintone looks weird here)
can you see the glossiness? :)

indoors with flash
wow. look at those microshimmers! :)

indoors without flash and beside a window
i sure love how shiny and glossy this polish could be! btw, 2 coats with no topcoat! now beat that! :p

extreme close-up so you can see the microshimmers

i was getting a little bored with this nail polish so i added some silver glitter! and hooray, it looks like starry starry night. lol. well, not really. but i love it! :)

outdoors but no sun

outdoors in shade

just wanted to show this pic cause my nails look so transparent! WTH? look at my pointy finger!

and yey! the sun came out for me! i feel special. lol!

extreme close-up with the glitter
i love this picture. it looks heavenly. teehee! :D

and i also love how my nail polish matches my sandals!

and now, on to some pictures that aren't nail polish related...

meet our dog, Prince!
this is his favorite place in our garden

say hello, Prince! *arf arf*

together with my sister Chantelle (the nine-year-old)

Chantelle and Chloe, the six-year-old

 that's about it for today! whew, what a long post! see you tomorrow and have a nice day! :D


Angie said...

Yay, another pinoy nail polish blog! I've been looking for more of these! Definitely adding you to my blogroll.

You have such nice, naturally long nails! I wish I had those too, but those don't run in my family. Boo genetics. XD

charlene said...

Angie - yay! thank you, ate! y'know, my nails are really short and i only grow them during summers. not allowed in school, di ba? e 4th year pa lang kaya i'll chop it of soon. so saaad. :(

Nixxy said...

Awwww! The cuteness - I cannot stand it! :D

charlene said...

Nixxy - which one is cute? Prince? :)

avroys said...

2nd the comment about the lovely long natural nails. Very pretty colour too. And this is the cutest post ever - I love all the additional pics!!!

charlene said...

avroys - thanks a bunches! you made my day. (i feel quite terrible because the nail stuffs i ordered online are not yet here with me. boohoo. but you made me happy so i guess it's ok now!) THANKS! :)

Mary said...

That blue polish is beautiful, with and without the glitter! You and your sister are super cute! I am a huge dog lover and your dog is beautiful! Very fluffy looking :)

Alexlyndra said...

Wow, lovely blue! I love the shimmer!

Olivia C. said...

Love the color. Your dog is so cute!!

clockwork said...

Woah, love that polish it's gorgeous! Super cute doggie!

Ai said...

love the glitter! super sexy. oh, your dog's too cute i wanna squish him so bad! lol

Zaz said...

Such a pretty blue! I love the glitter! :D

charlene said...

Mary - wow! you're actually reading my blog! i'm flattered! and thank you for your wonderful comment! :)

Alexlyndra - thank you! :)

Olivia C. - thanks, girl! :)

clockwork - thanks! isn't he the fluffiest? teehee. ;)

Ai - aww. thank you! do you want me to squish him for you? lol. :)

Zaz - thanks! you're new here, aren't you? welcome sunshine! :)

Lucy said...

I commented yesterday and I don't see it here. I guess I shouldn't post something when I'm half asleep! I love the blue polish. Very pretty silvery blue. Then you add some glitter and it looks even better. Love your sheepdog. I've always wanted one. You have beautiful sisters. You are also so pretty. Lovely pictures.